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Innovation Technology

GeoWorld opens a new era in your personal geo-data. Intuitive and modern manages all your geo-need within the same environment thanks to stacked geo-modules.

Geo-Modules Concept

All geo-modules work together like an "Symphony's Orchestra" and the music covers all the Geo-Environments like Tracking, Positioning, Exploring, Navigation, Mapping and Survey.


GeoWorld is fun and useful and combines all geo-solutions in a simple and amazing User Interface. You'll discover a unexpected growth of productivity and lot of fun.

Geo Album to share

This is the motivation of our roadmap: lead you to record and collect all geo-memories in the big album of your life to share with everybody.

Coordinates Transformation Module


Coordinates Transformation Module

This module allows to convert the coordinates between different SRS, Datums, Ellipsoids and projections. It can be used from enthusiasts, professionals and beginners because it supports Basic or Advanced views to input data and perform the transformation. Very simple and powerful, the most advanced options allows the user to create his own SRS, Datums, Ellipsoids and Projections. Optionally is possible to manage Grids (X,Y and Z) to calculate Elevation and Shifts and transform multiple points is different standard Geo-formats like Shp, Txt/Csv etc.

Multimedia Geo-referenced System


Multimedia Geo-referenced System

This module allows the user to get Multimedia information from a Point. It could be a way-point, an object or any other detail that need to describe something. The powerful of GeoCamera is strictly connected to the sensors device that will be printed into the picture. The usage of GeoCamera can be for professional purpose or just for fun, it can be used during a journey, for outdoor or for survey ... no limits to the fantasy. Advanced version can be used as DVNS (Direct View Navigation System) showing on display all sensors parameters of the device allow.

Visualize your results on map


Visualize your results on map

Any information generated from any module can be visualized throughout GeoMap. This viewer is perfectly integrate inside the GeoWorld "system" it lives inside so it's connected with all modules.


Video 1.x English

Video Tutorial

English Language, Version 1.x   

Shows how to convert coordinates, add datums (3 and 7 parameters) and use the realtime mode to convert directly the device's Gps coordinates in the target format.

Free Bootstrap Seminar

Video Tutorial

Lingua Italiana, Versione 1.x   

Mostra come convertire le coordinate, aggiungere datums (3 e 7 parametri) ed utilizzare la modalità Tempo Reale per convertire direttamente le coordinate Gps del dispositivo nel formato destinazione.

Open Source

Version 1.x is Open Source license GPL3   

We believe in an open world so our Version 1.x is Open source under license GPL3. You can download the source code to improve it and share it with everybody.

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03 oct 2014

New website to introduce GeoWorldApp Version 2


We are almost ready with the most innovative version 2 of GeoWorldApp. Each important change deserve a new impulse. GeoWorldApp is a new and creative form of "digital" Art according to this vision We selected and publish some Artist's photo to express our DAIS "Digital Artistic Innovation Spirit". Thanks to the Artists.

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